More police cameras coming to the streets

9:52 PM, Mar 16, 2011   |    comments
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Fairview Heights Police Department

By Frank Wiley

Fairview Heights, IL (KSDK) - Another set of eyes and ears on the streets, but only with your consent. The Fairview Heights Police Department just received a grant to add cameras to the interview process. The plan is expected to save time.

"It'll be worn on the front of their shirt," said Lt. Steve Evans. "They can be clipped onto their shirt or attached to a button."

Evans said 10 cameras will be divided among the department in late April.

A $7,500 grant will help pay for the cameras. At $900 per camera, the city will pay the difference. The Fairview Heights City Council approved the deal Tuesday. Already, people are talking.

"The mere viewing of an officer makes people stand direct and feel that they have to respond to any and everything an officer says," said attorney Laura Robinson.

"It's a little bit more compelling in a court to a jury and judge to see actual video statements from somebody as soon after a crime as possible," Evans said.


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