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Quirk Out

9:55 AM, Apr 20, 2011   |    comments
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One day Cary Goldwasser would be telling friend Diane Kline about a quirky thing she does to make life easier. "I told her, okay, I'm going to confess..." Kline said, "and she explained when she does her grocery list, she rewrites it according to the aisles of the grocery store." Goldwasser said, "I hate being in the dairy section and forgetting the onions and the garlic and the lemon." And that's when, "I one-upped her," said Kline. Goldwasser said, "She's like, I have an Excel spreadsheet that is in order of the aisles that also lists the sub categories of the foods."

The friends would realize many busy women must have similar habits. They would start a blog and even coin a phrase describing these habits. "Quirk Outs are crazy things women do to stay sane."

They say a prime example of a so-called "quirk out" is putting shoes in the oven to save space. "One of the most surprising quirk outs we've heard so far is from a friend who lives in NYC. She has a small apartment, very little storage space, and a big appetite for shoes. So she stores the shoes in the oven." is a place women can go to share habits like these as well as read about others. And now Goldwasser and Kline's idea could go from the blogosphere to the book store. "We've just signed with a literary agent who is going to help us turn the blog into a book."

Which means big things could be in store for, all because of the little things women do to stay sane.







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