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Tornado damage from Clinton, Bond, Madison counties

5:26 PM, Apr 24, 2011   |    comments
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By Alex Fees

Highland, IL (KSDK) - On the wide open plains of southern Illinois a tornado may travel a while before it encounters anything to damage. 

The former Baumann Dairy Farm has been located east of Highland for decades. A facility like theirs has dodged the bullet many time over the years.  But Friday night that decades-long winning streak came to an end.  Two days after a tornado struck the former Baumann Dairy Farm, Carl Baumann says most of the heavy lifting is done.

Severe weather Friday night destroyed seven farm buildings and two silos.

"My wife and I were sitting in our home listening to Channel 5, watching the weather as it was being broadcast," Baumann said.  "In 5 minutes it's going to be in Highland, in 2 minutes it's going to be in Highland or Jamestown.  And should we go in the basement, or shouldn't we?  And about that time we heard a whistling sound and a thump against the north side of the house."

The tornado seemed to follow a path along St. Rose Road.  North of Baumann's members of a 12-step recovery group from Cornerstone Christian Church in Shiloh give new meaning to the phrase "community service work."

"We're willing to help out in any way we could. Some of us are trying to pay back for some of the things we've done in our lives," said Craig Wilson.

Wilson and his group partners were making lumber out of fallen tree trunks, no less than back-breaking work.

"Well, I've done some worse, probably more stupid things in my life," Wilson said. "So this is a little pay back."

At Baumann's, Carl said they had help in the clean-up.

"People stopped by yesterday," Baumann said. "We probably had 35-40 people here yesterday helping pick-up the mess."



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