Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Camp

2:24 PM, May 18, 2011   |    comments
  • Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Camp
  • Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Camp
  • Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Camp
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Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Camp

If you never wanted to be an evil overlord, there are still awesome summer camps designed to make grownups jealous. Welcome to SkyZone. It's a massive indoor trampoline park where you literally get to bounce off the walls. There's nothing educational about it. It's not designed to build any developmental fundamentals or improve a child's test scores. It's just pure, adrenaline-charged fun.

"Yeah, grownups should be jealous!" said Adriana Burgos, Skyzone's General Manager. "All adults want to get a great workout while having fun. 8:30 a.m., kids can't wait to start jumping." She said the kids don't think of it as fitness. They think of it as flying across the room.

In addition to the main trampoline pit area where people can literally bounce off the walls, SkyZone has a foam pit (filled with big, soft foam blocks) and a sky riser (like the bungee jumping simulators at state fairs) which are available to kids during camp. They can also play basketball or dodgeball while bouncing around the trampoline room.

Burgos said SkyZone started as an extreme sport in Las Vegas. "There's a skate park next to the Vegas facility. Kids became curious and started knocking on the doors. When they saw inside, they said 'hey, we want to jump on this, too'."

While grownups may be jealous of kids who have the summer off getting to spend half a day every day bouncing on trampolines, Sky Zone offers everything from $15 open jump nights when anyone can come in and play to SkyRobics aerobic exercise classes several times a week, which they say can burn a thousand calories or more.

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