Imposter posts fake Colby Rasmus Facebook page

11:26 PM, May 19, 2011   |    comments
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St. Charles (KSDK) - It appears thousands of Cardinal fans were fooled on Facebook when someone set up a fake account claiming to be outfielder Colby Rasmus. And while lying on-line is nothing new, in this case it looks like privacy was invaded and innocent people were duped.

A St. Charles Cardinal fan says at first she thought the page was real, and believed she was communicating with Rasmus.
The woman wants to remain anonymous since she has no idea who is really behind the page.

She says she "friended" the fake Rasmus on April 1st and in that time more than 4,000 other people have, too.

The woman figured out the page was fake after contacting Colby's family on Facebook and confronting the imposter through text messages.

The woman says the imposter was giving out a phone number, claiming it belonged to Rasmus and asking fans to meet him in person at places like the St. Louis Zoo.

The woman in St. Charles says through text the person told her that she was a ten year-old girl and promised to delete the page but did not.

It appears the fake Rasmus page was made with photos from pages of those close to him -- pages that were not secured. There were candid photos of Rasmus with his daughter and other family members.

The woman who figured it out says what upsets her are the promises the fake Rasmus made that the real Rasmus had no knowledge of.

"People would write on there, 'my son has cancer can you sign his ball before the game?' Then they would comment later on, 'hey I waited for you for hours, you never showed up' or 'you drove right past me' and then he would just come up with continual excuses on why he never signed stuff for people," she says.

"I don't see the point in it," said Rasmus after Thursday night's game against the Houston Astros. "I guess it's somebody who's lonely and (without) much to do," said the centerfielder who says he was aware of the page and had informed security with Major League Baseball. "Be nice if it would stop," said Rasmus.

NewsChannel Five contacted Facebook. The company says it will investigate the hoax and the page is now down.
The Cardinals say they are looking in to the fake page and Major League Baseball security has contacted NewsChannel Five for its investigation of the page.

The Cardinals say Rasmus has never had a real Facebook page.


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