New information in search for missing Farmington mom

6:47 PM, Jul 1, 2011   |    comments
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Jackson, MO (KSDK) -- One month ago today, a mother of triplets from Farmington went missing.  Tonight, her family and investigators are speaking out.

On any given day there are about 10 officers at the Jackson police department working to find Jacque Waller.  Today they're doing aerial searches, hoping to find any possible clues.


"We won't be let down," Waller's father, Stan Rawson, said.  "We won't get Jacque back alive.  I would give my life to get her back alive.  That's not going to happen.  We need closure."


Waller's parents, Stan and Ruby Rawson are doing their best to stay strong for Jacque's 5-year-old triplets.


"The kids ask about their momma all the time," Rawson said.  "You talk about something that will tear your heart in two.  They're really sad.  They have different ways of showing it.  But they're not the same kids they was a month ago."


The Rawsons went to Jackson Thursday to get an update about the case. Chief James Humphreys says they're tracking down hundreds of leads.


"As the days go on, it gets more difficult," Chief Humphreys said.  "That's why it is so important to get information from the community."


Waller's estranged husband, Clay, was the last person to see her.  Police are careful to stress that he is a person of interest, not a suspect.


"Right now we still have a missing person, we don't have a crime," Humphreys said.  "That's why we need his help."


Clay Waller's attorney, Scott Reynolds, says there is a lot of misinformation about his client in the media.  He has told Waller not to speak publicly about his wife's disappearance.  But police aren't sure why he's not being more helpful.


"If the mother of my children is missing, you're not going to get me off the front door steps [of the police department]," Chief Reynolds said.  "I can't speak about him, but it makes me wonder why he's not here.  Why he's not helping."


The Rawsons say at this point they have no choice but to continue the search.


"We can't give up," Ruby Rawson said.  "We have to keep going for those kids."


If you want to follow the story or keep up with the search, go to the find Jacque S. Waller Facebook page.



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