Bulgarian girls find hidden cameras in Florida apartment

12:55 PM, Jul 28, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa (CNN) - Two young women from Bulgaria are wondering if videos of them taking showers, changing clothes, and using the bathroom are circulating on the Internet. They discovered several cameras in their Florida apartment disguised as smoke alarms and motion detectors.

"The camera was over there. It looks like a security detector," said Bulgarian native Vanya Samokovareva. It was in the corner of her bedroom.

"The camera can show how we take a shower," Samokovareva said. She shares the bathroom with her Bulgarian roommate and fellow student, Ralitsa Dzhambasova.

Cables snake their way to a junction box in a locked closet, where signals appeared to be sent over the internet.

Both women came from Bulgaria to the United States two months ago to work as servers for Raj Armani, a man who owns several businesses in the Tampa area. They say Armani subleased their Tuscany Bay apartment to them, but one day after they arrived in the U.S. he proposed they be models and promoters for his company, "Pizza Babe".

Samokovareva and Dzhambasova posed for shots for the yet-to-be-built website "Pizza Babe", but both say their relationship with Armani soured when they weren't paid what they were promised, and were told they weren't professional. That's when they say Armani fired them.

Then, this week, a chef from the restaurant they were originally intended to work at visited them at their apartment and found one camera. The girls then found the rest.

"We are not in the porno industry or something like this," said Dzhambasova.

Both women wonder what kind of video is out there for everyone to see.

"The bathroom. It's your room. It's a private space because, you take a shower there, you make everything there like you go to the toilet there," said Samokovareva.

Hillsborough investigators are trying to sort out who owns the equipment and where the camera signals went. Dzhambasova worries her career goal to become a journalist could be in jeopardy.

"If somebody wants to watch this, he's not normal he's crazy," she said.

Both women will return to Bulgaria in September, and hope this episode doesn't haunt them.

Police are investigating, but do not have suspects.


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