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Bruce Hymes in jail after hiding camera inside restroom of Full Moon Tattoo Parlor

9:46 PM, Aug 4, 2011   |    comments
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Bruce Hymes

By Mike Rush

Wentzville, MO (KSDK) - Full Moon Tattoo Parlor is making it clear with signs on the windows that it's under new management. That's because the manager, Bruce Hymes is in jail, for possibly recording some full moons in the restroom.

It appears from photos of Bruce Hymes posing that he likes the camera. But there would be no posing from possible victims captured by hidden pinhole cameras. Mel Burch works at Full Moon. She's wondering, "what if".

"What if it was me? What if I was the one being recorded," said Burch.

Mel is the one who had a hunch the restroom that employees and customers alike use was under secret surveillance. She called the cops after it was confirmed.

"One of our artists went in there, she found it. I went in there, verified. I actually took the vent off and the camera fell down," recalled Burch.

Police say it had been aimed at the toilet. And, they found more tiny, hidden cameras aimed at work stations and possibly hooked up to a computer.

St. Charles County Prosecutor Jack Banas said, "He apparently then panicked and began running around trying to take the camera's out."

Kim Little also works at Full Moon.

"You can't get over the feeling of your gut dropping and not knowing," said Little.

Hymes wife, a St. Charles City police officer, owns the parlor, but authorities say Hymes ran the place.

Employees at another Wentzville tattoo shop aren't surprised by the peeping tom accusation. Tad Stutsman says he worked for Hymes for a few months, but quit because of the way his boss treated customers.

"Just rude, sexual comments like for a tip, you know, you can give me sex for a tip," said Stutsman.

One mother says she complained a couple of years ago after Hymes was inappropriate with her 17-year-old daughter.

"He had asked her to spread her legs and then engaged in a conversation to see if she was dating anybody, asked, I believe if he wanted to do something as far as like, sexual," said Shannon Hopkins.

Hymes wife, the St. Charles cop, is not charged in this incident. Little says the husband and wife have been separated and not living together for six months.

Meanwhile, both tattoo shops say they want the word out that it's not a bad industry. They just say Hymes is a bad apple. 


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