Paradise Garden Nudist Resort attracts residents in hot weather

3:01 PM, Aug 5, 2011   |    comments
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Colerain Township, OH (CNN) - Staying cool in the summer heat can be tough, but some people in Ohio find that shedding clothing is the best way to survive the dog days of summer.

We all have ways of dealing with the heat: staying in the shade, having a cool drink, maybe not going outside at all.

Behind a set of gates in Colerain Township, Ohio, a growing number of people have stripped down the art of keeping cool to the bare essentials.

"I think everybody knows, the more clothes you take off, the cooler you do feel," says Kevin Stetson of the Paradise Garden Nudist Resort.

Paradise Gardens is a 30 acre compound where being naked is a way of life.

"We had an open house last Saturday and had over 100 people here, beating the heat," says Stetson.

Many decide to move in.

"We have a lot up here and we come usually every weekend, and sometime during the week," says "Libby", a nudist.

Libby asked to use only her first name to protect her privacy. She says a foray into a nudist resort was not something on her bucket list.

"I used to be very cover, cover, cover, and never would have dreamed I would be doing this. But once I did, my husband was like, 'let's go,' and I just loved it from day one, because everybody's the same," she says.

"Bring yourself and a towel," says another nudist we'll call Walt.

Walt adds that being nude is the great equalizer.

"No pretentiousness. You can be a truck driver or a lawyer, or anything in-between," he says.

Just remember to pack the sunscreen. Another reason to beat it all:

"It's a lot less laundry for the week," says Libby.

Ok, so the advantages may be obvious in the summer. What about in December?

"Yes, we wear clothes during the winter. Might be a nudist, but we're not stupid," says Stetson.


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