Cloud inspires Canadian man to bet on the Blues

10:40 AM, Aug 24, 2011   |    comments
(Photo from James Redeker)
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Calgary, Alberta (KSDK) -- You've heard it here first - the St. Louis Blues will win the Stanley Cup, according to an Alberta man who spotted an inspirational cloud this morning.

James Redeker, of Calgary, said he took the above picture on Wednesday morning and then emailed it to NewsChannel 5 and wrote, "I think it may be God's way of telling me to bet on the Blues to win the Stanley Cup this year."

The cloud above the fence and trees appears to show a backwards Blue Note, the symbol of the Blues.

Redeker said he is not from St. Louis, but works for an airline, so he watches weather closely.  He said his promixity to the Rocky Mountains makes for some interesting cloud formations.

Redeker said he is a sports fan and grew up watching the Detroit Red Wings, but now follows the Calgary Flames.

What do you think, does the cloud look like a Blue Note? How do you think the Blue will do this next season?  Leave your comments below.


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