12-year-old Gaelan Edwards delivers baby brother

7:13 PM, Aug 24, 2011   |    comments
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Campbell River, British Columbia (CTV/CNN) - A middle-schooler from Canada is a hero to his family tonight because he helped his mom, and baby brother, at a critical time.

Late at night, he heard his mother calling.

Turns out all those hospital dramas 12-year-old Gaelan Edwards enjoys came in handy.

"This is not gonna be a home baby," Gaelan recalls saying.

But it was too late. Before mom could make it to the emergency room, baby Caynan came into the world, with more than a little help from big brother Gaelan.

"Gaelan, when you see the shoulders, I need you to hang on to his shoulders and I need you to pull him out," Gaelan's mother, Danielle, told him.

It was instruction the boy didn't even need.

With no computer in the house, Gaelan spends his time reading. Sometimes medical books.

"Books have different ways to pull a baby out, so I just tried to do the - I grabbed the shoulders. Baby was all right, started crying, so you know that's a healthy baby," said Gaelan.

So after easing his sibling out, he clamped the umbilical cord and used kitchen scissors to cut it, helped his mother push out the placenta, then cleaned and wrapped his new baby brother in a blanket.

"It was gross when I cut the cord cuz I cut it, blood was squirting out," said Gaelan.

He's matter of fact about the birthing process.

"Had to wash my hands, yeah... " said Gaelan.

And now knows more about where babies come from than most 12-year-olds.

"I held him and saw him before anybody, even mom," he said.

It's a special bond the brothers share. And already has Gaelan considering medical school.


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