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Robber dressed as Gumby robs convenience store

7:53 PM, Sep 7, 2011   |    comments
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San Diego, CA (CNN) - San Diego police say a man tried to rob a convenience store dressed up like Gumby.

But this isn't the first time a suspect has used an unusual disguise. Not by a long shot.

Pick your favorite robbery disguise; was it Darth Vader robbing a bank, or the bony bandit robbing a convenience store?

How about the guy who wore a President Obama mask to stick up Austrian Banks, or the robber who dressed head to toe as Santa and pulled a gun out of his red sack?

And he explained Santa had to rob banks to pay the elves.

Perhaps you prefer "nun" of the above. As in bank robbers dressed as nuns.

Well, there's a new contestant in the robbery costume contest.

Skin color: green.

Alias: Gumby.

Let's get cracking, Pokey.

Only instead of his usual sidekick, Pokey the horse, this Gumby walked into a San Diego 7-11 convenience store with an unmasked guy.

First, Gumby asked for Marlboros.

Then he said, "This is a robbery."

The clerk, thinking it was a joke said, "I don't have time for this. I'm cleaning."

Gumby didn't get away with any loot, he actually ended up losing money, 27 cents to be exact.

When he reached into his costume, as if reaching for a gun, he managed to drop some change, which the attendant later swept up after Gumby high-tailed it out of the store.

The clerk behind the counter had never heard of Gumby, so when he described the suspect, he said he looked sort of like a greenish version of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Actually, a real robber once wore a SpongeBob mask as he and an accomplice knocked off a Florida convenience store at gunpoint.

And don't just call the police, call the fashion police when a male suspect shows up wearing a dress and underwear on his head.

The trend extends to thongs at one Colorado convenience store holdup.

Or for a more masculine look, it appears he had some plaid boxers on his head.

But Gumby doesn't need no stinkin' boxers.

So far, the San Diego case is a head scratcher.

Could the robber have been Eddie Murphy, rehearsing for his gig hosting the Oscars?


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