Hot dog statue appears mysteriously

8:40 PM, Sep 15, 2011   |    comments
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Omaha, NE (KPTM/CNN) - A six-foot tall hot dog statue that mysteriously appeared on a Nebraska street corner is grabbing national attention.

It's not your typical hot dog.

This one sports some sporty kicks, an American flag, and supposedly traveled across the country from a dumpster in California to a front yard in Council Bluffs, Nebraska.

"There was a sign company and they were throwing it away because one of the arms was busted off, so the arm was in the dumpster, and well we might as well take it home," said hot dog statue owner Curtis Wennhold.

But Wennhold found himself in a pickle when his prized possession was the victim of a late night prank.

The six to seven foot statue was found on a street corner, a bus stop, and one concerned woman called saying it was relishing a little too much attention and scaring children.

"It looked like someone was in it," said one kid.

"I thought it was going to eat me," said another kid.

But where the statue actually belonged, just neighborhoods away, the owner was proud of the attention it garnished and was disappointed to see nothing but divots in the ground and drag marks where it used to stand.

"Let's see if it's bolted down to the yard, let's see if we can take it with us when we drove by, and lo and behold it wasn't bolted," said the unnamed prankster.

A few boys say they lifted the 400 pound statue over a fence, and into their trunk.

"It originally had two arms but they broke off while we were dragging them," said one of the pranksters.

But the boys didn't keep it for long.

"It was in our house and it was creepy. Did you see the thing man," said one of the pranksters.

So the statue, minus its arms, were left for the taking.

Wennhold says he learned his lesson.

"Probably chain it down. I was thinking about doing it right before it got stolen," said Wennhold.

Council Bluffs Police say people from Maryland to California called claiming the statue was theirs.

The statue sells online for about $650.


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