Nancy Upton gets revenge

6:49 PM, Sep 16, 2011   |    comments
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Nancy Upton

By Jeanne Moos

Dallas (CNN) - A Dallas student majoring in history is making some history of her own when it comes to plus size photography, by bathing in salad dressing. She's weighing in on the relation between beauty and weight.

She may be a size 12, but she's no stuffed pig, even if she did pose like one on a bed of greens on her mom's dining room table.

"She walked in, was like oh my God and walked out," said Nancy Upton.

The photos, devouring chicken in a pool, guzzling chocolate syrup amid gallons of ice cream, were meant to mock American Apparel's plus size modeling contest. Instead, Nancy Upton won. Her photos were voted most popular.

"It's awesome," said Upton.

Using words like "bootylicious", American Apparel had called on "curvy ladies" to send in their photos. The clothing chain is known for imagery of skinny types in skimpy clothes.

The plus size model contest was held to kick off their expansion into more plus size styles, but Upton thought they were pandering.

"I didn't wake up two weeks ago and decide I'm gonna have my revenge on American Apparel. I woke up two weeks ago and thought I'm gonna cover myself in ranch dressing," she said.

Which she did, bathing in it.

"It was very cold," she said.

And so was the letter Upton got from American Apparel after her satirical photos came in first.

"It's a shame that your project attempts to discredit the positive intentions of our challenge, and that bootylicious was too much for you to handle," said the letter.

American Apparel didn't have to pick the top vote getter, and they refused to recognize Upton as the winner, which was fine with her since she's no fan, especially of their advertisements.

"I remember there's one I'm gonna see the rest of my life when I close my eyes," she said.

After Upton won the contest, American Apparel got slapped around for "acting like a baby". Now the company has invited Upton out to their L.A. headquarters.

As for her satirical photos...

"I actually love them. I thought they were beautiful," she said.

By the way, that's not ranch dressing in the tub, it's milk mixed with water.

Whole milk, not skim, with a few packets of ranch dressing tossed in.

"I was a little nauseated after it was all over with the different kinds of food in my stomach," she said.


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