Businesses call themselves Obama Fried Chicken

6:55 PM, Oct 3, 2011   |    comments
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By Jeanne Moos

New York (CNN) - Offensive, or just original?

It's one thing to have Colonel Sanders on a bucket of chicken, but President Obama bow-tied up like the Colonel and instead of KFC, these folks are calling their chicken "OFC".

"It's not hilarious. It's shameful and disrespectful," said one man.

"Wow, dressed as Colonel Sanders. That's very offensive," said another.

The sign, making the rounds on the web, is for a chicken joint in Beijing, China.

The real KFC says, "We're considering legal action, as it is a knock-off and has nothing to do with us and it infringes on our brand trademark. We find it distasteful."

Sort of ironic because earlier this year, KFC in Hong Kong released a commercial featuring an Obama look-a-like. They ended up pulling the commercial.

As for OFC featuring the president as Colonel Sanders, you'll never guess who's criticizing it - the folks at a take-out restaurant in Harlem called Obama Fried Chicken.

"Mockery," said an employee of Obama Fried Chicken.

[Reporter]: " Mockery?"

"Yes, it's mockery," he said.

He says it's not the name, it's the picture that's bad.

"We don't have a picture. We just tried to get his popularity to make money off of it," he said.

Actually, there are two places in New York City called Obama Fried Chicken. It's a tribute, says the owner of the one in Brooklyn.

For awhile, the Harlem store dropped the "O" and the "A" and just called itself Bam Fried Chicken. Now, the Obama is back.

Talk about chickening out. When a rap group making a music video used Obama Fried Chicken as a backdrop, every shot of the sign at the Brooklyn location ended up being edited out.

And when a German frozen food company tried marketing Obama chicken fingers, test marketing was cut short after public criticism.

Just for the record, customers say Obama Fried Chicken in Harlem serves delicious chicken.


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