What happens if Game 3 is a rainout?

10:56 AM, Oct 12, 2011   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

St. Louis (KSDK) - With rain expected for Wednesday, there's a chance game three of the NLCS between the Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers could be impacted.

Joe Garagioloa Jr., Major League Baseball's disciplinarian, tells KSDK that if the game is rained out, the schedule would most likely just slide, meaning the competition would move from Wednesday through Friday, to Thursday through Saturday. Game three ticket-holders would go on Thursday.

The Cardinals organization has not made an official announcement on any contingency plan.

Of course, many fans remember 2006, when one of the World Series games was rained out in late October. That led to some ticket shuffling. The Wednesday ticket-holders attended Friday, which turned out to be a great turn of events. They got to see the Redbirds beat the Tigers to win the World Series.

Major League Baseball makes the call if a game is postponed, but consults with the weather resources the Cardinals use.

Joe Abernathy, Vice President of Stadium Operations, says it's the long rains that are trouble.

"When we lose a game it's because it just didn't stop raining and the clay infield can only take so much rain while you're playing on it or it will get sloppy and unplayable," said Abernathy.


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