Family lost in corn maze - 911 call

7:48 PM, Oct 12, 2011   |    comments
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By Jeanne Moos

New York (WCVB/WCAX/CNN) - Most folks go to a cornfield maze to enjoy getting lost, but a family in Massachusetts got so lost and confused, that they called 911.

To the rescue, the K-9 unit.

You're lost in a giant cornfield maze, you don't know which way to turn, darkness is falling. Who ya gonna call? 911.

"I'm really scared. It's really dark, and we got a three week old baby with us," said a Massachusetts woman in her 911 call.

"Relax. Calm down. Your husband's with you, right?" said the dispatcher.

"Yes, but my baby..." said the woman.

You'd think she was being stalked by the corn.

The woman, her husband and two kids got lost and called Danvers police an hour after the 6 p.m. closing time at the Conners Farm Maze.

And we all know from the movies how spooky cornfields can get, especially after dark, when you fall into the clutches of demonic corn.

"We thought this would be fun. Instead, it's a nightmare," said the woman.

"Can I talk to your husband?" asked the dispatcher.

The dispatcher told the man to yell to the K-9 unit that was arriving at the maze to look for the lost family.

At one point the lost dad took the dispatcher so literally he even repeated the "say".

Finally, toward the end of the seven and a half minute call, the K-9 unit officer said he found the family about 25 feet from the entrance.

If they get this lost in a corn maze, next thing you know they'll be calling 911 from the maze at Ikea.

The manager of the farm offered the couple free tickets to come back again. They didn't answer, but their faces said no.

The maze depicts an image of the headless horseman, but compared to the couple, the horseman kept his head.


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