8-year-old sings Nicki Minaj on Ellen

7:55 PM, Oct 13, 2011   |    comments
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Rosie and Sophia Grace Brownlee.

By Jeanne Moos

New York (CNN) - A famous pop star is getting a run for her money, from a young singing sensation who is wowing the world.

When 8-year-old Sophia Grace Brownlee hit YouTube, she was a hit doing her version of the Nicki Minaj song, Super Bass.

Ok, so maybe Nicki Minaj had a few more pelvic thrusts, but Sophia Grace's version has gotten around 9 million views on YouTube, and landed the little girl from Essex, England on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"We love Nicki Minaj so much. We want to meet her so much," said Sophia Grace.

That's funny, because Nicki Minaj tweeted the same thing about her.

"I have to meet her. She is a superstar," tweeted Nicki.

A superstar with a sidekick, her cousin Rosie.

"Rosie makes me feel confident 'cuz I have someone with me," said Sophia Grace.

But Sophia Grace's heartbeat really started running away when Ellen introduced her idol. Even the parents were overcome with emotion. Her dad asked for a tissue.

Now, there's some bad language in Super Bass, but when Sophia Grace sings it, things like the f-word and the n-word are out, though the panties stayed.

"When he gives me that look, when the panties comin' off off off," saing Sophia Grace.

As if meeting her idol wasn't enough, Nicki promised Sophia Grace a shopping spree. She also got a wig so she could look like Nicki.

"I'm the second Nicki Manaj," she yelled.

And then they sang a duet.

Her boom booming heart never slowed as she danced relentlessly through the commercial break.

Even her sidekick couldn't get her to kick it down a notch.


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