Papa Tom's Gateway Dog House owner turns to social media to track down thief

6:28 PM, Nov 29, 2011   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

St. Louis (KSDK) - Tom Broadwell gets plenty of attention driving his 1955 pickup truck, but it's what he had in the back over the weekend that attracted the attention of a crook.

"Which was a generator and 100 feet of 50 amp copper electrical cable," said Broadwell.

Somebody stole the stuff. The $4,000 generator powered Broadwell's food truck, Papa Tom's Gateway Dog House, and no power won't cut the mustard.

"I can't say it on camera what I really thought but, you know, how do I go from here," said Broadwell.

Broadwell borrowed a generator to keep the hotdog wagon rolling, but turned to social media to help turn the wheels of justice.

The hotel gave him a copy of its security footage, and Broadwell posted it on Facebook and sent out alerts on Twitter.

The video shows what looks like a light colored jeep pull up. Then what appears to be a man approaching and eventually wheeling off the generator.

"I figured hey maybe somebody knows a person who looks like this that drives that vehicle and, yeah, we'll see how it goes," said Broadwell.

Broadwell also reported the theft to police.

To see the surveillance video, click here.



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