Synthetic drug bust in St. Charles County

7:20 PM, Dec 8, 2011   |    comments
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By Talia Kaplan

Weldon Spring, Mo (KSDK) - There was a major drug bust in St. Charles County on Thursday.

Investigators targeted a few businesses searching for synthetic drugs after a lengthy investigation.

NewsChannel 5 was invited along as authorities raided one of the stores, South 94 Bait, Tackle, and Smoke Shop in Weldon Spring. It was one of three businesses targeted after the St. Charles County Sheriff's Department conducted a three month undercover investigation.

Investigators moved in on all three businesses around ten Thursday morning and walked out with hundreds of what they say are dangerous and potentially deadly products, similar to bath salts. They served search warrants on "Retro Active" in St. Peters and "The Hookup" in Lake St. Louis as well.

The Sheriff, Tom Neer, said the investigation started in response to two recent car accidents involving young people who were believed to be taking the synthetic drugs. One was a fatal.

"I am very emotional because it hurts me that we are out here trying to run a business, trying to help people, and we are just being targeted like we are criminals out here, that we are trying to be sneaky, or get away with something and we are not doing that in any, way, shape or form," said Pam Tabatt, the owner of South 94 Bait, Tackle, and Smoke Shop.

Her ex-husband, who doesn't want to reveal his name, admitted the store sells synthetic drugs but, said he is not sure if they are illegal or not.

"The ultimate goal is to get these products out of these stores and off the streets and to convict these individuals of felonies so they won't blatantly and outright sell this stuff in our face," said Sheriff Neer.

The sheriff said he expects results in a few days and will then hand the evidence over to the prosecutor.
The sheriff said he hopes St. Louis County takes action as well.



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