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Calvin Spencer is the fastest wiener dog in the nation

1:40 PM, Dec 28, 2011   |    comments
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Calvin Spencer.

By Lauren Zakalik

Albuquerque, NM (KOAT/CNN) - They may be the little guys in the dog world, but dachshunds can move.

There's even a contest to prove it!

Calvin is wiener dog racing royalty. He's a spotted dachshund from Albuquerque who, turns out, is pretty gosh darn fast.

"He's the current wiener national champion, so the fastest wiener dog in the nation," said his owner, Cindy Spencer.

Spencer says last year she heard an ad on the radio for a national dachshund dash. On a whim, she trucked over to the tryouts.

"He ended up sweeping the whole thing. We got the trip to San Diego, we flew out there, and he ended up sweeping that too," she said.

He's currently the fastest wiener in the west, which is what sponsor Wienerschnitzel calls him.

Spencer says there's no true training involved.

"He's really excited about the tennis balls, so that's pretty much all it takes is I just bounce the tennis ball, and he just about comes undone," she said.

She's not kidding.

"I think he has, he has an intense focus on the tennis ball, so he's pretty obsessive about it," she said.

Lucky for this short-legged fellow, all he has to do is run 50 feet faster than his six competitors, and he'll win $1,000 and retain the title of the most fleet-footed dachshund in the country.

"Even though he has no idea what it's about, for us, it's pretty funny," said Spencer.

Looks like he plans to run circles around his competition.

Calvin will compete in the Wienerschnitzel Nationals in San Diego Wednesday.


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