I'm Just Sayin': Republicans are overpaid children

4:41 PM, Jan 25, 2012   |    comments
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By Dan Riesenbeck

Yesterday after the Presidents SOTU address there was a sound bit from one of the more vocal Republican Senators OUR tax dollars go to support. He said it did not matter what the POTUS put forth. The Republicans were going to block it. Spoken like a true child! These over paid babies cant get along no matter what anyone does..There is NO compromise what so ever. I have seen kindergarden children interact better! One of the key polling questions is; "Who do you think can beat Obama in the fall election?" Why don't they ask; "Which candidate do you think really has the right ideas to fix our country if elected?" No wonder we can get anything done to he lp this country. It's to bad we cant vote them all out and start over. The founding fathers are rolling over in graves everywhere! All we have left is "In God We Trust". And can you believe there are those in Congress who want to take THAT away too?! ... Im just sayin! This election its not about kissing babies and good press. It's about getting the job done for once and getting it done RIGHT!

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