Couple uses recycled car parts to build unique home

12:10 PM, Jan 30, 2012   |    comments
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KNTV - Roofs salvaged from 104 junked cars make up the aluminum siding of one Berkeley, California two-bedroom home.

Kate Leger and her husband Karl Wanaselja are have taken green architecture to another level.

"On our project here, we decided to push the ideas we've been working with over the years a little farther than perhaps we could do on our clients work," Wanaselja explains.

The home's concrete floors contain fly ash, which is recycled from burning coal.

The walls are made of poplar bark, which used to be considered waste in the North Carolina furniture industry.

The architects work in a studio made from a shipping container that Leger says had been around the world eight or nine times before it ended up in their backyard.

"They're not very expensive and really strong for architecture. Ten times what they need to be to meet building codes," she says.

So far their home is winning rave reviews.

"I really wanted to do it in a way that transforms junk into something artistic," Wanaselja adds.


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