Man steals Rolex while going through airport security

9:31 PM, Feb 14, 2012   |    comments
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By Vanessa Medina

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (WSVN/CNN) - Going through airport security can sometimes be a bit chaotic. You're trying to grab your shoes, your purse, your computer, and do it quickly.

That confusion can sometimes cause people to leave things behind.

A passenger in Florida recently used the opportunity to walk away with something very valuable.

And the surveillance video captured the whole incident.

Gloria DeRegalato is at the top of the screen. She has blond hair and is wearing a black pullover. She grabs her purse, coat, and if you look closely, she leaves something very valuable behind.

"She took off her Rolex watch and put it in the bin," said Lt Brian Montgomery with the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

The guy behind her, wearing white, puts on his own jacket, goes to grab his laptop, but is distracted. The gold and silver shimmer is calling his attention. What to do, what to do. Wait! Just grab it!

"I guess something that valuable is tempting to someone. Someone left it, so I'll just take it," said passenger Dwight Jackson.

"He then goes over to the benches there, where most people put on their shoes and get re-dressed to board their plane, and he takes the Rolex and he puts it into a backpack. He again looks around to make sure no one is looking and then he proceeds to walk by two uniformed deputy sheriffs, and when he sees them, he looks down at the ground. And then when he looks up, he looks directly into the surveillance camera. So he had two opportunities to turn this watch in, to do the right thing, and yet he wanted to be a thief and take it with him on his destination," said Lt. Montgomery.

"You know, you do worry, when you put things in the bin, like your purse or whatever, that, and then you go through the little security and there's nobody watching your purse and anybody could take it," said Francis Jackson.

Gloria, realizing about a half an hour later, the thief already en route to Charlotte, North Carolina.

"We've subpoenaed all the passengers on both flights, we just want to make sure, and now we're going to go through them," said Lt. Montgomery.

So now deputies have his face and name, but playing devil's advocate, could it be an honest mistake?

"There is no mistake. Watch the video. He picks it up, he has two opportunities, he looks around, he palms the Rolex and then he walks by two deputy sheriffs. He had the opportunity to turn it in. This is no mistake," said Lt. Montgomery.


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