Week Four: My NEW Shoes!

10:58 AM, Mar 8, 2012   |    comments
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Check out my new "KICKS" (seen above)! They are Asics and they are called "Gel-Nimbus 13".  I got them from Big River Running on Manchester Road after I got my "gait" tested. This line of Asics shoes are all named after clouds because they are SO SOFT!!  Like For REAL! J


Big River Running offers this great service where they will look at your old shoes and see where they are worn out on the bottom. Then they have you hop on a treadmill for about 30 seconds and a camera videotapes your feet show you how you run & help you correct any issues.


Apparently I'm a "supinator" which means I tend to run on the outside of my feet!  The Big River peeps said it was pretty normal.  (Although I like to think of myself as somewhat abnormal, just sayin) Most people either pronate (inside) or supinate (outside).


Seriously the shoes I bought are soooooooo soft and comfy on the inside, I wish I could sleep in them.  Like I wish I could shrink myself down to about one inch high and walk into my shoes and take a nap. They are THAT SOFT!


I wish I had them on Saturday 3/3 when I had to run 9 MILES!!! WHOA BABY!  It's so funny to me that I have to run that far since I don't consider myself a runner but, WOW!!!, what a sense of accomplishment after you do something that like!


I ran around my neighborhood with this great iphone ap I bought called "Run Training Pro", I think it cost me $2 or $3.  It's great because you can run anywhere and it has a GPS on it so it tells you how far you are going.  I've always wondered if those GPS features are correct but I am hearing that these programs actually are pretty accurate.


I did my fave thing to do,  "run/walk" but I actually ran a lot of it.  It seems like you get to a point when you just want to run, I know WEIRD!  I definitely had spots when I just wanted to WALK but running gets it done faster, plus my pace is around 13 min./mile when I run...when I walk I'm about a 15 minute mile (that's if I'm walking fast, sometimes I've  gotta SLOW it DOWN even more then that!)


Around mile 7 my left knee started to hurt!  It was such a pain, LITTERALLY because I was ready to be done running and sit down BUT I wanted to complete my 9 miles!!  What can I say I'm a "competiTOR!"   SO I just walked the rest and it felt better.  I really think it was because I was wearing my old shoes and they were so worn out.


This week my run training schedule calls for:

*4-5 Miles Run/Walk

*Rest Day

*5 Miles Run/Walk

*Rest Day

*45 minutes Run/Walk

*Rest Day

*10 miles


10 Miles, SAY WHAT??


Good thing I am working off all these Girl Scout cookies that I can't stop eating!!  I love you Samoas!!...aka Caramel Delights!   J


Just keep running! Just keep running!   J


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