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Arnold Food Pantry vandalized

6:12 PM, Mar 8, 2012   |    comments
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Arnold Food Pantry

By Steve Patterson

Arnold, MO (KSDK) - Workers at a local food pantry say they are being terrorized by vandals and it's costing hundreds of dollars in broken property and theft.

Members of the Arnold Food Pantry woke up Thursday morning to broken glass scattered around their building.

The windows to two of their supply vans had been broken into and they found several cases stolen soda. Earlier, one of vans had all of its fuel siphoned out.

Administrators estimate it will cost the pantry about $750 in repairs and replacement.

"You know, we do our best to help those in need," said Executive Director Kathy Flanigan. "Pick on somebody else your own size. When we're helping the poor, you shouldn't hurt those who are trying to help."

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department is investigating.



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