Week Five: I DIDNT GET IT ALL IN! :(

11:23 AM, Mar 14, 2012   |    comments
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Training is going great!  But sometimes you do have to factor in a little thing called LIFE!  Sometimes you can't get all your miles in that week so it's a good lesson in not freaking out!

I had a 10 mile run this weekend and I planned on doing it Sunday.  Well I ended up working extra hours at KSDK, extra like 2am-10am editing shift (and we lost an hour of sleep)...SO when I got off work at 10am on Sunday I took a nap and when I woke up..do you really think I wanted to run 10 miles that day? HECK NO!

Luckily one of my new friends just had run/ran(?)  a Half Marathon Sunday morning,...what are the odds?  He did a smaller half that I think was in St. Charles and it was over a trail a.k.a rough terrain.

SO thanks to him I was feeling motivated to get my long run in because before that I was going to skip it! BAD! I know but sometimes you just don't feel like it ya know?!

Of course Sunday was drizzling and at first I was going to run outside thinking the drizzle would feel cool when I started to sweat but being a little low on sleep because I got up so early I decided I just wanted to treadmill it!

I headed to Club Fitness!

I love treadmills with TV's, guess what was on? RESIDENT EVIL!  Who wouldn't want to watch Milla Jovovich kill zombies while you push yourself to run 10 miles??!!  It was an awesome movie and I didn't realize how long I was on there until each commercial break!  Around 8.5 miles (maybe 2 hours on the treadmill)...I started to feel a little light headed.  I think it was lack of sleep, not eating that much that day since I worked weird hours and then took a nap..SO I got off because passing out in Club Fitness doesn't sound like fun even though there are hot trainers there to revive me! LOL  J

I figured walking around my house the rest of the evening would cover at least the other mile and half so I'm still counting it a success!

Moral of the story: Don't be so hard on yourself if you don't accomplish every mile in training. Sometimes, Life Happens.....and you can still be proud of yourself for doing your best.  Get back on the horse the next week!

My legs feel so strong and muscular with all of this running!  I love the body that training for a half marathon gives me!  It is swim suit season soon!!

I'm running 11 miles this week!  Wish me luck and wish for no rain!


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