Week Six: My New NEW shoes

1:35 PM, Mar 26, 2012   |    comments
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The Half Marathon is getting closer! OMG!  Although I have ran 11 miles I still wonder how I'll get to 13.1 ....is that weird?

Answer: YES!  J

The shoes I got started to hurt my feet one day during training around mile 3.  My toes started to feel numb and then they started to hurt! It was a pain (literally) because I was trying to run 6 miles that day. 

BUT the nice part about Big River Running was that I brought them back, even though I had used them, and told the store associates they hurt and they fitted me for a new pair! The new ones are HOT PINK & BLUE!!

I don't know why but I find its more fun to run in shoes that are CUTE!!  J

My food is going good I think! I have been more hungry lately and I have noticed that my legs are getting stronger.  You know those runners have some awesome looking legs!  Mine are not quite there yet but if I became a crazy runner person (and maybe I will, haven't decided yet) then I'll have them too!!

P.S.  For all the single ladies: There are a lot of hot guys who run in Forest Park on the weekends!  LOL  J 


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