Red Bud mega millions

11:05 PM, Apr 1, 2012   |    comments
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Red Bud, IL (KSDK)--The final numbers are in, and as it turns out Friday's Mega Millions jackpot actually totaled $656 million.

The town of Red Bud, Illinois, about 20 miles south of Belleville, is buzzing with rumors about who may have won a third of that prize, after a winning ticket was sold there.

What would you do with $218 million? 

It's all people are talking about in Red Bud--  and of course, who could be the winner of Friday night's Mega Millions jackpot.

"We just hope it's somebody who lives here that will give back to this town," said Red Bud resident Cindy Stellhorn.

Stellhorn even had a new t-shirt to show- off, in honor of the occasion that reads "Yes I am from Red Bud. No I am not the winner".

Everyone in town, thinks they may know who the winner.

Toni Diewald of Red Bud says, "I'm Facebook friends with this person's girlfriend and I can't even figure it out there."

Another Red Bud resident, Audrey DuFrenne said, "They asked the person and they say no it wasn't but you're not gone say yeah because they've got to get things figured out."

NewsChannel 5 even heard a few workers from a nursing home in town struck it big with their mega millions pool, but workers deny that. 

Even Red Bud's Mayor, Tim Lowry, has heard the rumors.

 "It's just been a lot of fun to hear the hype, and the people coming to town and saying, boy you know there's a winner here. They won that big money," said Mayor Lowry.

While rumors are swirling about who could have possibly won the huge jackpot, business at this Moto Mart, has dramatically increased. In fact, NewsChannel5 learned the winning ticket was sold sometime Friday, and was a Quick Pick.

People have been flocking here to buy their scratch- off tickets, and get the latest.

"They're saying they're hoping lighting strikes twice. Everybody's question is, 'Did they claim it yet? Have they come forward?'," said Tina Bergmann, a Moto Mart employee.

But no one has come forward yet, at least not in Red Bud.

"Come forward and let's just move on," said Diewald

"We're just a small town of 37-hundred people, tucked away in our little corner of the world and all of a sudden the world has seen us," said Mayor Lowry.

The other two winning tickets were sold in Maryland and Kansas.  Both states allow lottery winners to remain anonymous.


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