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Anna Brown died in police custody after St. Mary's Hospital visit

8:43 PM, Apr 2, 2012   |    comments
Anna Brown
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Richmond Heights, MO (KSDK) - A homeless mother who went looking for medical help, ended up dying on a jailhouse floor.

Anna Brown's last day began in the emergency room of St. Mary's Hospital and ended at the Richmond Heights Police Department.

The City of Richmond Heights is working to clear its name concerning any wrongdoing surrounding the death of Anna Brown. She died shortly after being taken into police custody in September of 2011.

Anna Brown was taken into custody by Richmond Heights police at St. Mary's Hospital. Brown went to St. Mary's to receive medical treatment after complaining of severe pain in her legs. She was the mother of two children, and was living in a homeless shelter.

In September of 2011, Brown died minutes after being taken into custody by Richmond Heights police.

The St. Louis County Medical Examiner says Brown died because of blood clots in her legs.

Family members say on the day she died, Brown came to St. Mary's hospital for pain in her legs. She was later arrested for trespassing.

"The involvement by Richmond Heights police officers began when the healthcare facility requested assistance after Ms. Brown was released and refused to leave," said Richmond Heights Mayor James Beck.

The city's mayor briefly addressed this case during Monday night's city council meeting, saying officers only took Brown into custody after getting medical clearance from St. Mary's Hospital.

"There was no indication she was in any eminent danger. Police officers received a doctor's certification that she was medically fit for confinement," said Brown.

St. Mary's Hospital also responded, taking to YouTube to address Brown's death.

"We want to assure the public that we did provide care for Ms. Brown. Unfortunately, even with appropriate testing using sophisticated technology blood clots can still be undetected in a small number of cases," said Kate Becker, President of SSM St. Mary's Health Center.

Members of the public are also expressing outrage through social media, citing problems with the healthcare system, and calling for Missouri's attorney general to look into the case.

There is now a Facebook page dedicated to Brown, with more than 15,000 "likes." It's called "Justice for Anna Brown."

Richmond Heights officials would not elaborate on Anna Brown's case because of pending litigation.

A family member of Brown's tells NewsChannel 5 they have hired an attorney and are deciding how to move forward.

The St. Louis County prosecuting attorney is also reviewing this case.


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