Mitt Romney expected to sweep three primaries

6:44 AM, Apr 3, 2012   |    comments
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Mitt Romney (NBC)

(NBC) -- Mitt Romney is expected to sweep three Republican Primaries today, inching that much closer to the nomination. His challengers aren't ready to give up, but Romney is already ignoring them, looking forward to the fall campaign.

Keep an eye out for what happens in Wisconsin today. It's the most competitive of the three races.

With a massive 25 point lead in Maryland and no strong competition in Washington D.C., Mitt Romney is focused on Wisconsin where public employee unions have been a big issue. "They should not be paid substantially more in pay and benefits then the tax payers are paying for them," said Mitt Romney (R) Presidential Candidate.

Romney is up by seven points here. He's still taking a big hit among women compared to president Obama, but conservatives are coming around. "They know that Mr. Right is not going to come along so they're accepting Mr. Right now. Sort of like an arranged marriage, almost," said Politico's Joe Williams.

Targeted by a new Obama campaign ad, Romney attacked the President on immigration. "This has always been a priority for the President - he chooses to do nothing about," said Mitt Romney, (R) Presidential Candidate.

But President Obama has 84 million to spend in the fall. Romney's only got 7. He's spent millions fighting opponents he's now largely ignoring. "No one said this would be easy when you're going against the money and the machine," said Rick Santorum, (R) Presidential Candidate.

Newt Gingrich faces today's primaries one and a half million dollars in debt.

While the Republicans fight it out in Wisconsin today, President Obama speaks to a women's conference. The White House says he'll pound his message on taxes, Medicare and protecting the middle class.


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