Woman attacked in Imperial

11:12 PM, Apr 8, 2012   |    comments
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Imperial, MO (KSDK)-- Days after a mother of four was robbed and shoved into the trunk of her car, her family is offering a reward for information in the case.

One person has already been arrested, but they say he wasn't acting alone.

The attack happened on Lakewood Terrace in Imperial.

The reward is $500-dollars and growing. The family says they just want the suspects off the street so they can feel safe again.

Police marked the spot where Adrian Breeden's fiance Amanda was pistol-whipped, robbed, and shoved in the trunk of her own car.

The mother of four, had just left work at a nearby restaurant, and pulled into the parking lot of the Lakewood Apartments in Imperial.

Breeden says, "He kept threatening her, kept telling her he was going to put a bullet in her head now. I'm just going to do it now."

But there was one thing the suspects didn't know.

The Ford Focus, which Amanda had owned for exactly six days, had a release latch inside the trunk.

Breeden says, "They got up to about 30 miles per hour when she popped the trunk and jumped out."

The suspects drove off. From there they hit the highway. Police eventually found them and followed them and were able to disable the vehicle on the Poplar Street Bridge.

18-year old Jeffery Smith from East St. Louis, is now charged with robbery and armed criminal action.

Police are still searching for one, or possibly two accomplices.

Adrian Breeden has set up a reward fund for information leading to their arrests.

He says, "We are posting these flyers up anywhere we possibly can."

There is also a fund to help the family since their car was totalled in the pursuit. It will also help pay for medical expenses and counseling for Amanda.

Breeden says, "She will not go out by herself yet, she doesn't want to drive. She's basically become a prisoner in her own mind because of what these people did to her."

And while Amanda isn't ready to talk about her ordeal, the family thought it was important to let people to know what happened for their own safety.

Breeden says, "It's my goal to make people aware that this could happen to you at any time at any place." He adds, "And I would hate for this to happen to anybody ever again."

Anyone with information in this case can call the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department at 636-797-5515.

For more information on the reward and help funds visit http://www.facebook.com/justice4amanda










































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