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I'm Just Sayin': people who prevent the right to life are terrorists

8:01 AM, Apr 9, 2012   |    comments
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By Laurie Seale, St. Peters, Missouri

I've been watching various news sources about bombing The Abortion Clinic in Wisconsin. I have a few questions. If the bomb was not placed at the clinic and placed in a subway tunnel, airport or the White House, the bomber would be called a terrorist. His act would be terroristic like the bomb in Japan's subway or the incident at Atlanta's bomb at the sporting event several years ago. If the bomber was not related to the right for Like group even distantly, if he was middle Eastern by birth, new services would have the story as #1, sent to the world news, and plastered all around similar to the shooting of the black youth being shot by the neighborhood watchman. The right for life bombing was a brief story in the wind.

Now groups have been trying to get the states to stop abortions by creating laws to make it difficult to get abortion and woman's health issues the main focus is directed too words Planned Parenthood and OBGYN's to hold off on the decision about the child inside and having unnecessary procedures to get the abortion. Many groups that help teach responsible precaution to sexual activities are being brought before the public's eyes by stopping birth control pills, hormone therapy, well woman checkups, mammograms, and other issues that show how women react differently to hear attacks and other issues.

It does not look at women as equal in researching grants. Men have little to no hurdles to get Viagra and other medicines to help them remain sexually active. Hormones to slow or stop the loss of hair. There are other male issues that health insurance considers necessary to keep the men at the most promising health.

Right to life groups condone the taking of life that are not able to live outside the womb, embryos that are genetically flawed having those children to be born and needing 24/7 nurses assistance, rape, incest and other difficulties that parents will be unable to deal with.

Yet, the doctors and staff of a clinic that may perform abortions are fair game to be harassed, followed, messed with on the computer, yelled at thrown at to hurt them. Disrespecting or destroying windows, doors, home properties, and harming them. Patients are yelled at, blocked from entering, and elevating to physical harm. When the Right for Life groups has an individual who elevates to harassment to the level of creating the bomb and placing it at the clinic or attached to the cars of the staff. When they become aware of bomb not reporting it to prevent anyone to be harmed then they too are responsible to the bomb just like the bomber himself.

The bomber is a terrorist. When will the next bomb go off? Who will be harmed? Who are you wanting dead? The Right for Life affiliation does not mean killing the doctor or staff is alright. Their home should be a reason to not harm others. The news groups do not see this action as terroristic. The police and FBI have not labeled them as terrorists. It is only after this issue towards the terrorists is going to show the citizens of U.S. that it should be brought into the light. This will bring the act of bombing/harassment to the attention to the States and perhaps bring a law to call bomber a terrorist put them in jail.

We need to stop groups that use terror to make a point. Terrorism will not be tolerated. Terrorists will be dealt with. Yea, I'm Just Sayin'.

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