I'm Just Sayin': Where's the outrage for violence on a child

12:23 PM, Apr 13, 2012   |    comments
Trayvon Martin. (AP File)
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By Jim Sharp

The shooting death in Florida of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy in every sense of the word - no doubt about it. I just wonder why the level of outrage sparked by his death is not generated EVERY TIME a child is killed. Last November a 17-year-old girl was shot dead inside her own home right here in St. Louis, and earlier this year the girl from Vashon High School was murdered allegedly by her boyfriend - where is the outrage over these deaths? Where are the soundbites from Reverends Sharpton and Jackson? Where are the tearful daytime TV personalities? Where are the questions from the media to the Presidential candidates? Where are t he celebrity tweets? Where's the Presidential weigh-in, or the national news coverage on a daily basis? The President of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen has been on TV several times regarding the Trayvon Martin death, but as far as I can tell he's been pretty much invisible when it comes to tragedies like these right in his own city. Why? Are the deaths of these children (and thousands like them nationwide) somehow less tragic? Are they missed any less by their families? OF COURSE NOT! Then why does one case generate nationwide outrage while the others are allowed to fade from the media spotlight? I'm just sayin' we should be outraged EVERY TIME a child dies due to violence or neglect. 

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