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  • GO! St. Louis

    It was tough but I'm so glad I did it! 

    I ran 13.1 miles yesterday and you better believe my legs feel it today! 

    I woke up at 5am...ok maybe 5:20 (I love the snooze button!) then I let the dogs out and made an egg omelet...can you call it an omelet if there are just eggs in there? I like to fold it in half like it's an omelet so I'll say "yes, I can". 

    Momma Tristan got to my house around 6:15am and we headed downtown.  I was definitely feeling nervous but more excited and ready to get things started. I wasn't so much looking forward to being in the big crowd of people so I waited by the starting line outside of the gates until my group was heading out.

    I ran into some friends during the race, we'd run together and then one person would need to walk or vice versa so we'd see each other back and forth. 

    It was so awesome to see the spectators holding up signs for their runners. Some signs said funny things like "Worst parade I've ever seen" or "I don't know you but good job". It was really funny!  :)

    I was very inspired to see the Students on the Go! Most of them had on yellow Students on the Go shirts. I did a story on them. They are basically high schoolers who trained and were running the half! WOW! I don't think I could have done that back in high school! That took a lot of dedication so hats off to them!  :)

    Around mile 10 I started to get tired and feel a little light headed. I was thinking "oh no, I don't want to pass out and not finish" SO I heard my friend Nancy Lieberman's voice in my head (she's the GO! St. Louis President) I heard her voice telling me, just walk, it doesn't matter how fast you go, it just matters that you finish.  I ended up walking really slow, even a fast pace made me nervous.  I think it was a gift from above when I past 2 spectators on the side giving out pretzels and lifesaver candy. I love the irony "LifeSavers" because that's what they were! I needed that boost of sugar in my blood stream to make it the last few miles. Those really helped! Thank you to whoever that was! They were on Forest Park Parkway right by the 2 gas stations and the fire station! You guys rock!

    Right before mile 13 I started chatting with this other girl who was also walking. We were talking about how we were excited we were almost there and that we'd run again when we got to mile 13 because we still had that .01 to go!  So that's just what we did!

    We hit mile 13 and my adrenaline kicked in and I raced to the finish line! It was AWESOME!  They gave me bottled water and I went right up to the person giving out medals and duck down for mine like I was winning the GOLD at the Olympics! It was so Fabulous!  What a great experience! 

    I wore my medal most of the day!  :)

    I went to walk dogs at Stray Rescue not long after that. (that's my normal Sunday ritual) That was rough but those dogs are so worth it!  :) 

    All day I felt soo accomplished! I still do!  A Half Marathon is no joke! I have lots of respect for the people who ran the full! WOW!  J

    Sooooo THANKS for a great Sunday GO! St. Louis! It was all worth it! :)

    I will cherish my medal and accomplishment for ever!




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