North county Recreation Complex pool closes for good

9:52 PM, Apr 19, 2012   |    comments
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By Courtney Gousman

North St. Louis County (KSDK) - It's a $900,000 problem. St. Louis County leaders have decided to shutdown the North County Recreation Complex pool for good.

The pool is one of three county run pools, and the county has a few long-term plans for the space.

County leaders say the pool is isn't up to code and presents a number of safety concerns for swimmers.

The 500,000 gallon pool has been a part of the North County Recreation Complex for more than 36 years, but county officials say she's beyond her prime.

"It was very exciting. It was probably in the 80s. I have fond memories of coming up here," said North County resident Donna Jones.

"Oh, it was fun. It used to be one of the only ones we had in North County," said Ebonni Wright, another North County resident.

"It's very unusual for a pool to stay open this long. We've babied her. We've patched her. Ripped out sections of the deck to put in new piping and finally it's just time," said St. Louis County Parks Director Lindsey Swanick.

This pool will remain closed because of major problems that the county has been tracking for years.

"You can see this is our scum gutters, and it's all been patched over the years, and it's the concrete is literally rotting around us," said Swanick.

The pool is now filled with cracks, and is actually shifting. You can tell there's a major problem with the pool since there are weeds growing through the cracks of the base.

"Half of our inlets, this is where clean water comes into the pool, half of them, because the pipes are broken, on the other side, the clean water no longer comes out," said Swanick.

Last pool season maintenance workers discovered the drains were leaking 75,000 gallons of water a day. Another problem is the 67 percent decrease in attendance over the past nine years.

County officials say the goal is to demolish this pool and start over, creating a smaller, more modern, and kid- friendly water park, with slides, and sprinklers.

"I think that's awesome. And I think that would get a lot more residents out to the pool," said Wright.

Jones agrees, "I think it would be a nice enhancement to this area."


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