2 accused in arrestee's death at Illinois hospital

1:31 PM, Apr 28, 2012   |    comments
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GRANITE CITY, Ill. (AP) - Two security guards at a southwestern Illinois hospital are accused of causing the death of a 42-year-old man authorities say was asphyxiated while the defendants restrained him.

A Madison County grand jury on Friday indicted 28-year-old Charles Knapp and 21-year-old Dylan Ritchie of involuntary manslaughter in the December death of Anthony Burkey.

Authorities say Burkey was arrested in Pontoon Beach after he allegedly punched a neighbor's door during a psychotic episode.

Officers took Burkey to Gateway Regional Medical Center in Granite City. Prosecutors say that's where he was awaiting a psychological evaluation when guards were called to his room. During a struggle, authorities say, Burkey was pinned to the ground by Knapp and Ritchie and stopped breathing.

Calls to Knapp's home went unanswered Friday. Ritchie's home telephone number is unlisted.

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