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Cheating leads to booming business for DNA testing

7:18 AM, May 4, 2012   |    comments
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(WTVJ) -- Business is booming for Raquel Mandel, owner and founder of All About Truth DNA Services.

Seven years ago, she launched her DNA testing business which provides a variety of services, ranging from paternity testing to DNA immigration documentation.

Her most in-demand service is using DNA to test for infidelity.

Mandel's customers aren't who you might think.

"Unbelievably, we have more men coming in to see if their wives or girlfriends or fiancées are cheating on them," she said.

To test, Mandel requests everyday items with traceable DNA such as toothbrushes, razors, or drinking bottles.

Her offices also accept more personal samples like hair or underwear as well.

"Most of the cases we do simple swabbing," Mandel explained. "We have our gloves, we wear our gloves for every case and, we put the swabs right into an envelope."

Those envelopes are then mailed off to labs for analysis.

Then, weeks later, when the results come in, emotions can run high for customers, and sometimes staffers like Mandel.

She said sometimes the DNA found belongs to the couple, and sometimes, it doesn't.

"It gets complicated, it does, I mean, sometimes we end marriages, and sometimes we save them," she said. "We do get them come calling back and saying, 'Are you sure these test results are correct?' And we stand behind our tests."


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