Tips to stay safe while biking

1:40 PM, May 30, 2012   |    comments
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Atlanta, GA (CNN) -- Biking is an activity people of all ages can enjoy. It's good exercise. But it can be dangerous so it's important to remember safety tips.

With the warm weather, more and more people are out on their bicycles.

Riding a bike is great exercise, it's good for your heart and because it's a low impact workout, it's easy on the joints.

But if you're going to bike, make sure you do it safely.

So whether you're young or old, the first and most important step is wearing a helmet. Experts say that properly-worn helmets can reduce the risk of head injuries by more than 85 percent.

The second rule of the road is follow the law. Bicyclists should obey the same traffic signs and signals as drivers, and never ride against the flow of traffic. Use the right most lane headed in the direction you are going.

Another rule is to be conspicuous. Dress in bright clothes and attach or wear reflectors. Use lights when it's getting dark or when visibility is poor.

And dont forget to use hand signals and try to make eye contact with drivers.

Make sure your bike is the right fit. When standing, there should be between one-to-three inches of space between the rider and the top bar.

And remember, stay alert at all times. Just because you can see a car doesn't mean the vehicle's driver can see you.


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