The once a month high school class reunion

5:19 AM, Jun 4, 2012   |    comments
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By Mike Bush

St. Louis (KSDK) - There is nothing more comfortable than an old friend.

Judy, Norma, Ginny, and more than a dozen others have arrived for another afternoon of stories and uncurbed laughter

These ladies have known each other a while. A long while.

"Yeah I've known most of them for more than 60, maybe 65 years, " explains Norma Parker Brinker.

Most of these gals went to grade school together and high school together and they're still getting together.

"There's always a lot of funny stories, " laughs Ginny Winter Wood, "and it's usually about their husbands!"

These are the Hancock ladies, graduates of Hancock Place high school in South St. Louis county. Class of 1958

"It was a very small school, " explains Judy Ries. "You knew everybody in school and they knew you."

Like the rest of us, they all went their separate ways after high school but a few years ago, a few of the women decided it might be nice to meet up for a small reunion dinner. When they did it again months later, they invited more classmates. Now, the Hancock ladies have a high school reunion once a month.

"We've all decided we don't look any worse than we did. We still look pretty good, " giggles La Verne Hartmann Whitmire.

Years ago, they would talk about boys and proms and now you'd think it'd be about grandkids and retirement. Not always.

"Some of the stuff I couldn't tell you, you'd have to censor it, " laughs Wood.

"Many of these ladies in here were very quiet. Very shy, " says Ries. "You know, not very outspoken." "and what about now?" "you can hear them! (laughs)"

They say that getting together like this is like finding a piece of yourself again. Of course, sometimes it's not about what they found but what they've lost.

There are now two empty seats at the reunion table because two members of this group recently passed on. Bea Chaptman Chiapel,

"She was really a genuinely nice, friendly person that everybody liked, " says Brinker.

And Maggi Fairless Mosconi

"She was fun loving, she had beautiful eyes and she was extremely talented, " says Ries.

In a way though, these gatherings have become like a support group helping each other get through the good times and bad.

"There's only one acceptable excuse for not coming to the dinner and that's a grandchild event, " explains Ries.

"I look forward to it. Every month, I look forward to it, " says Whitmire.

The Hancock Ladies plan to meet like this once a month for the forseeable future. After all, our joys and sorrows may come and go but friendship is forever.


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