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Mitt Romney stumps in St. Louis

6:41 PM, Jun 7, 2012   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

North St. Louis County (KSDK) - Mitt Romney came out swinging Thursday against his opponent, President Obama, calling his policies misguided, confused and ineffective.

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The presumptive republican presidential nominee spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters on the factory floor of a north St. Louis County business called Production Products.

Romney says the president has expanded the government with too much regulation and his healthcare reform plan, instead of empowering the people. He says the president's policies are holding back business growth and the economic recovery.

"Where my vision, where our vision believes in the ingenuity of the American people, his wisdom trusts the wisdom of political appointees, and boards and commissions and czars," said Romney. "It's one in which ordinary Americans have to get permission from people in Washington before they can buy something or build something or invest in something or hire someone."

In response to Romney's visit, local democrats held a press conference at Kiener Plaza.

Led by St. Louis City Alderwoman Marlene Davis, the group supported President Obama's policies and criticized Romney's jobs record as governor of Massachusetts and in his career at Bain Capital.

"Mitt Romney talks his ability, sort of his wizardly approach to economics and when you look at it and you see what he's done, his business has been about creating value for his shareholders, for him personally and for his partners," said St. Louis City Democrats Chairman Brian Wahby.

A little tension surfaced at the democrat's gathering when a man, an Illinois financial planner, stopped by and began shouting his objections to the president's policies. Alderwoman Davis shouted back.

Eventually the two agreed to hold off their heated exchange until the speeches were over.



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