Group of thieves caught on camera trying to rob moving semi

7:44 PM, Jun 13, 2012   |    comments
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By Jeanne Moos

(CNN) - It's not easy trying to rob a truck while it's moving.

A group of alleged thieves are caught on camera trying to pull off something you only see in a Hollywood movie.

Here's how not to rob a truck. A vehicle pulls up right behind the target at night, headlights off.

Two guys pop out of the sunroof and one holds onto the other as the first guy tries to break into the truck.

It looks like a heist out of the movie "The Fast and the Furious," only not quite as fast and definitely not as furious. No harpoons, no driver packing heat, and definitely no driving underneath.

But that's Hollywood.

This happened on a highway in Romania, as the Romanian organized crime unit was monitoring gang suspects.

The video was released after 15 members were busted for stealing about $370,000 worth of TVs, cigarettes, and coffee for resale.

CNN went to a New Jersey turnpike rest stop and showed the video to truckers.

"It's gotta be the two stupidest people I've ever seen. Either one falls off and they're both dead," said one trucker.

Eventually the thief gets the door open enough to see inside.

But nothing as crazy as this ever happened to Don, who travels with his dog, Brandy.

"I just can't get her to drive," said Don.

From the driver's viewpoint, there really is a huge blind spot behind the truck. You've seen the signs, 'If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you.'

And the Romanian trucker probably never saw these guys, though maybe he's now seen the aerial footage.

"What's he gonna do when he gets inside the trailer," said the first trucker.

Good point. Tossing stuff back to his vehicle doesn't seem practical. But once he got a look inside, he decided to abandon the mission.

He crawled back the way he came.

Not quite the fast and the furious, more like the daft and the nefarious.


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