Owner of Gold Stop summonsed for violating ordinance

3:56 PM, Jun 15, 2012   |    comments
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St. Peters, MO (KSDK) - A summons has been issued to the owner of a local gold business for violating the St. Peters City Ordinance of Precious Metals.

St. Peters police say on May 28, 2012 they took a report from a woman who had multiple pieces of jewelry stolen from her home. The stolen jewelry totaled around $1,500.

The officer who wrote the report checked databases and determined the jewelry had been sold to Gold Stop inside Mid Rivers Mall.

St. Peters has a city ordinance that states businesses that buy previous metals must hold onto the metals for 15 days.  This allows owners of stolen jewelry to track down their property before it is melted down.

On June 8 the officer attempted to contact the owner of Gold Stop to retrieve the stolen jewelry before the 15 days expired. The owner did not call the officer back after several phone calls and messages.

On June 13 the owner of Gold Stop was finally contacted, and when asked about the jewelry said he had already sent it off to be melted. He also admitted he knew he violated the city ordinance by not holding onto the jewelry for 15 days.

He had purchased the jewelry for $522.

Joe Gabrick with Gold Stop released the following statement Friday to NewsChannel 5:
"We are a locally owned business and take our responsibility to our communities very seriously. We make every effort to abide by the different ordinances in each city that we do business. We have procedures in place to ensure we get proper identification from all of our customers. We report to the city of St Peters all of our daily transactions so that they have all the information instantly to review. In the city of St Peters the law requires us to hold the precious metals for 15 days. It was nothing more than a human error that the gold in question was processed on day 14 rather than day 16. We have always cooperated with the city of St Peters and turned over any evidence as requested. We regret that this error was made. We take responsibility and have offered to the detective full reimbursement for the total amount lost."


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