Local educators weigh in on bus monitor bullying

5:14 PM, Jun 21, 2012   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

St. Louis (KSDK) - Call them our impromptu panel of retired educators.

They gathered Thursday to craft greeting cards, but now also served as our sounding board on the video that's gone viral showing middle school kids bullying a 68-year-old bus monitor.

Their faces show their dismay over the barrage of insults the bus monitor endures.

These teachers say over the decades they've noticed a change in the way some kids behave.

"They're not held accountable for their actions and there aren't consequences for the choices and actions that they take," said retired social studies teacher Chaille Roberson.

Retired science teacher Pam Elliott added, "A lot of them talk to you as if you were just a friend sometimes and it was a little off-putting."

And although they feel for the bus monitor, they wish she would have asserted authority.

"You know, one good correction is worth a thousand bad ones and this is no correction," said Roberson.

Former school administrator Joyce Waskow thinks some good can come from this bad.

"I hope that the school district can use this as a stepping stone to teach them and take care of it in the future," she said.

While they don't know the dynamics of that situation, the teachers say fear for her safety, fear of losing her job or fear of not having support from the school system could have prevented the monitor from standing up to the kids.


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