Haley Miller sells shirts for Race for the Cure

9:43 PM, Jun 22, 2012   |    comments
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  • By Mike Rush

    Cottleville, MO (KSDK) - On the eve of the Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure, 9-year-old Haley Miller is busy putting the finishing touches on some important packages.

    "Drawing a heart," she said from her mom's car outside the post office in Cottleville.

    And it was a broken heart that led to what's in the packages.

    "Two years ago, my aunt died from breast cancer," she said.

    Aunt Lisa thought she was beating it, but later found out the cancer had spread to her brain. She died just over a year from her first diagnosis. She was 36.

    Haley remembers, "One day I was drawing on my dry erase board to express my feelings and I showed my mom, and then I thought if I could make tee shirts I could donate money for helping fight breast cancer."

    Haley has seven designs, her website, haleyukulele.org, inspired by the nickname her aunt gave her, started just a couple of days ago but so far she's raised more that 200 dollars.

    "I think she would be very proud of me," said Haley.

    Every dollar counts and lately another fundraiser, Bridget DuMont has been counting a lot of dollars.

    "It was a big year, it was a great year," said DuMont.

    The five year survivor raised more than 15-thousand dollars, mostly through a Kentucky Derby Watch Party she started called the "Komentucky Derby".

    DuMont is the top individual fundraiser this year, earning her the chance to officially start the race, but she's giving up the spot to another high earner, a pregnant woman who was just diagnosed.

    "It's just amazing to be down there and just see all the survivors and it gives you so much hope, that's what it's given me every year, so I just wanted to give that to her this year," said DuMont.

    Haley plans to continue selling shirts and raising money after the race. Her website is haleyukulele.org.


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