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Hey Heidi: How is the Kiener Plaza Fountain turned back to clear?

4:34 PM, Jun 28, 2012   |    comments
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By Heidi Glaus

St. Louis (KSDK) - Kiener Plaza is a colorful place in more ways than one.

"We've probably had four different colors we've used over the years in the fountain," explained Dan Skillman, Commissioner of Parks.

But turning the fountain red or blue is pretty darn easy.

"It's regular food coloring," Skillman pointed out.

It's reversing the process that requires a fashion makeover and sticking more than a toe in the water. However, before they wade into the deep they fill a bucket with chlorine tablets.

"It's similar to what you would use in a swimming pool," Skillman added.

Then the buckets is dragged and perfectly placed on top of the filtration system.

"And it sucks the chlorine in back through the pump and bleaches the water back out," Skillman explained.

But unlike coloring the water which only takes a matter of minutes, it takes a day or two to get it back to clear.

Of course it doesn't really matter what color flows from the fountain Kiener Plaza will always be one of the most picture perfect gathering places in St. Louis.






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