Walt Crawford talks to NewsChannel 5 about snake safety

4:11 PM, Jul 5, 2012   |    comments
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AP File

St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - A copperhead snake is responsible for killing a 50-year-old man over the weekend in Poplar Bluff.

The man was trying to shoo the snake out of his tent along the Current River when he was bit on the thumb. He became the state's second copperhead bite fatality, the first since 1965.

Walt Crawford, director of the World Bird Sanctuary, visits NewsChannel 5 First @ 4 to discuss snake safety with Kay Quinn.

Dr. Mark Levine with Barnes Jewish Hospital offers this advice about snake bites.

First of all, don't panic -- call 9-1-1. Next, remove all rings or watches. The venom will cause you to swell and those can become stuck. Keep the wound below the level of your heart. Don't touch the wound except to wash with soap and water.

Dr. Levine says to never attempt to suck out the venom. The bacteria from your mouth will do more damage. Avoid any sort of suction kit. The pressure causes damage to the area as well.

Dr. Levine says some snakes inject but others chew. Since there's no way of knowing, it's best to simply leave the wound alone.


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