El Monstero takes show to a new level

4:15 PM, Jul 13, 2012   |    comments
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Image courtesy of elmonstero.com.
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  • By Heidi Glaus

    St. Louis (KSDK) - Think of St. Louis and the Gateway Arch, toasted ravioli and Ted Drewes probably come to mind, but these two guys are in a band that over the last several years has become as much a part of the culture as "Imo's Pizza," Jimmy Griffin said with a laugh.

    Griffin plays lead guitar and sings some of the songs. Kevin Gagnepain is not only the bass player, but one of the brains behind this big show that actually started back in 1998 or '99, it's sort of a blur.

    "It was a side project for a band I was in at the time called Stir," explained Gagnepain.

    And well over the years El Monstero has become a bit of a monster.

    "Lights and pyro and lasers and explosions, everything we just throw the whole kitchen sink in there," Gagnepain added.

    The thing is this group of some of the best musicians in St. Louis only come together to play Pink Floyd music a couple times a year.

    "It's kind of like dating you don't really get sick of anyone because you're only around them for a limited amount of time," Griffin said.

    Rehearsing is about a three week process since the set list does change a bit year to year.

    "You have to play 'Dark Side of the Moon,' you have to play certain songs from 'The Wall," Griffin said.

    Because let's be honest this is a show that takes fans down memory lane.

    "People have well, had experiences let's say were those records may have been the soundtrack," Griffin pointed out.

    And playing these songs has definitely created some great memories for the band.

    "There's a couple of times in the set where the crowd is actually singing as loud as we are and it's pretty moving," Gagnepain said.

    Tickets are still available for the show Saturday night and for more information, visit their website.

    The band is also heading to House of Blues in Chicago on July 28th when the Cardinals are playing the Cubs.



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