Midtown fire: Building manager updates Facebook

9:11 AM, Jul 18, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Midtown fire damage - PHOTOS

Photo Gallery: Midtown apartment building burns - PHOTOS
The Midtown fire scene on Thursday at an apartment complex at Lindell and Vandeventer in St. Louis.

St. Louis (KSDK) -- The managers of the Midtown fire apartment building is providing information for displaced residents on its Facebook page.

EdR said it will provide news, housing, pets and other vital information on the page and send out e-mails to residents.  A team will also be at the 3949 Lindell building to assist.

EdR is working with area hotels to find accommodations for residents.  A shuttle from the Holiday Inn Viking hotel picked up 14 fire victims and gave them a place to stay Wednesday night.

EdR sent an email that stated the entire building was destroyed and that they will refund all of July's rent, all deposits and pre-paid items.  Checks will be available for pick-up Friday.  Al letter will also be sent out to assist with insurance claims.

The Fire Marshall and the management company are working to find a way for residents to gain access and retrieve their items.

Fire investigators said the fire began in a penthouse apartment on the fourth floor of the building.  EdR said it understands that all safety systems that were in place worked as intended.

Firefighters helped more than 100 people evacuate the burning building Wednesday evening.

No one was injured in the fire.

EdR's complete statement about the Midtown fire is below:

"First and foremost, we are relieved that all residents are safe. Words cannot express the gratitude we extend to the men and women of the St. Louis Fire Department who worked diligently and heroically last night to quickly contain the fire, and to the Red Cross, St. Louis University and the Humane Society who were here immediately to help us assist our residents and their pets.

"We are updating the 3949 Lindell Facebook page with news, housing and other vital information. We encourage all of our residents to check the community Facebook page or their e-mails for constant updates. We have an EdR team onsite at 3949 Lindell to assist you as well.

"We are working with area hotels to find accommodations for all of our residents.

"We understand that the fire began on the fourth floor and that all safety systems worked as intended. We will assist the St. Louis Fire Department as they continue their investigation. But for now we are focused on caring for our residents."


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