Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes back in court Monday

9:36 AM, Jul 30, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: James Holmes court appearance - PHOTOS
James Holmes' mug shot

DENVER (KUSA)- A week ago, many people wanted to get a glimpse of the man accused of murdering 12 people and wounding 58 others in the Aurora movie theater shooting.

That's when the suspect, James Holmes, made his first court appearance.

Not as many are expected to be watching Monday, July 30, when he returns to be formally charged in the case.

The courtroom will be packed with some victims and their families, and the media, but this time the public will not be able to tune in.

Cameras are not allowed inside the courtroom during this kind of hearing according to 9NEWS legal analyst Scott Robinson.

"The suspect will become a defendant tomorrow," Robinson said Sunday night.

Robinson says hundreds of charges will likely be filed against the defendant.

"The suspect for the first time will finally know what the charges are and in all likelihood the defense attorneys will waive, or give up a reading of charges and advisement of rights or they might be there all day," Robinson said.

Robinson expects 12, first-degree murder charges. He expects 12 charges of extreme indifference homicide, for shooting into a crowded theater. Robinson also said he expects at least 58 charges of attempted murder. He added that several charges of first and second degree assault are also likely.

First degree murder convictions aside, Robinson says if convicted of all 58 attempted murder charges and first degree assault charges, the suspect could be sentenced to more than 4,600 years in prison.

Robinson says there will not be additional charges in the miscarriage of Ashley Moser's unborn baby.

Moser, who is still recovering in the hospital, also lost her 6-year-old daughter Veronica.

"An unborn baby is not yet a person for the purposes of our first degree murder statute, that's kind of a combination of the medical and a legal determination," Robinson said.

Robinson says Holmes will be in his jail jumpsuit again on Monday, July 30, and like the previous Monday, won't say a word during the hearing.

On Friday, July 27, the suspect's attorneys filed a motion that a package the suspect sent to his University of Colorado psychiatrist contained information that should be shielded from public view.

That issue, Robinson says, will likely be brought up during this latest hearing.

"The most significant occurrence tomorrow will be Judge Sylvester's ruling on the defense motion demanding the return of the package sent to the psychiatrist based on client-therapist privilege," Robinson said.

After tomorrow, the next appearance for the suspect will be in a month or two.

During that preliminary hearing, a plea agreement could be made. Robinson says if one isn't made at that point, there likely won't be a plea agreement for the remainder of this case.

9NEWS will have a crew in the courtroom to bring you the latest developments.


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